What Is The Best Way To Warm Up Before Starting To Play Football?

Whether you play football in Dubai or any other corner of the world. You would already know the warm-up is a must when you step on the football pitches.

Have you ever wondered about the best warm-up exercises? We will be walking you through a few ways you can warm up perfectly before you play soccer in Dubai! Make sure you check out our football academy in Dubai for an amazing hands-on experience. 



Our bodies are designed systematically. We can’t just jump straight to the intense football rhythm. In fact, a warm-up helps to boost our cardiovascular activity and increase our body temperature. This is a gradual process, and if done perfectly, massively helps to maintain stamina and avoid fatigue as the activity gets intense. Here are 3 warm-up exercises that should be your go-to: 



This is a prevalent exercise that’s practiced widely by all players who play football in Dubai and is a great way to kick start a football session. It’s quite simple, there are cones or training discs arranged linearly while the ball is positioned on the opposite side, so you sprint through the cones in a zig-zag manner and get the ball. On your way back to the starting position, you dribble the ball through the discs, again in a zig-zag manner. 



Let’s opt for a bit more modest way. Football pitches have ample space to help you warm up. This warm-up is like a marathon. You don’t focus on the sprints, but instead, you jog around the football pitch until you get warmed up. Thus, three complete cycles of the jog around the pitch might feel sufficient for an adult player. Yet, there are always limitations that can be broken. 



Along with sprints and jogs, stretching holds significant importance when it comes to warm-up in soccer. There are a great many ways to stretch before you begin playing, as it increases your flexibility as your body feels lighter and fresh for an intense session. 

Stretches might include the following: 

  • Lunges
  • Side Lunges
  • Leg stretches 
  • Planks 
  • Knee Pulls 
  • Hamstring and Quad stretch

Remember, the intensity of the stretches depends from person to person. 



Whenever you feel like playing soccer in Dubai, stop by Just Play. And next time, when you’re on one of our football pitches or a football academy in Dubai, remember to have a thorough warm-up session.

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