What Are The Best Drills To Improve Your Football Skills?

Football demands constant commitment, where you have to keep putting in the work, hours, and sweat to stay competitive. It’s also important to keep sharpening your skills. That’s where the football drills come in.

Make sure to check out our website because we have the best football pitches for rent available. Here are three universal drills which you can start practicing today on all the football pitches out there! 



Dribbling is one of the three essential skill sets of soccer that makes you a better and a more distinguished player. The Cone Circle, as the name suggests, is the drill in which you arrange cones in a large circle, and dribble through them in a zig-zag manner as you complete the circle on football pitches

To increase the intensity and make it harder, you can always scale up the number of circles completed in one go. 



The second essential drill to keep in mind when you play football in Dubai is your shooting skills. A good shooter always stands out from the rest. One touch and shoot is one way you can sharpen your ball instincts and shooting technique. Set a target, or a goal post on the football pitches. Have a partner or fellow player feed you balls in the shooting position. Here comes the best part, you can’t stop the ball at your feet as you have to finish your fellow’s pass into the goal post on your first touch. 

To make it harder, try from the tricker angles and greater distances from the goal post.



While you play football in Dubai, where we have football pitches for rent available, you must practice your through ball skills. As passing and vision are the third and final essentials towards becoming a better player,  set the tricker cone targets, and try passing the ball from different angles through them from greater distances. It will improve your passing ability and the accuracy of your vision on football pitches



You can’t do all of this training without a decent place to play football in Dubai, so come and check our premium football pitches that are available for rent. Don’t forget to check out our website for more information. Stay tuned for more!




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