How To Protect Yourself From Injuries On The Football Pitch?

Football is one of the world’s largest participation sports plagued with injuries. Players put their bodies at risk each time they play football as it involves running, jumping, accelerating, decelerating, heading, and kicking. Football is the leading cause of contact sports injuries, including tears in the anterior cruciate ligament, knee injuries, bone fractures, and muscle strains. In this article, we will review certain ways to prevent injuries on the football pitch and make the game more interesting. 

Proper preparation for the game:

Keep yourself self-prepared for the game during the off-season with proper physical exercise and a balanced diet. Make sure you are in good physical condition. 

Warm-up and stretching:

Proper warm-ups and muscle stretching are a great way to avoid muscle sprains and ligaments injuries. Medical research has proved inactive and cold muscles are more prone to injuries on the football pitch. Running, walking, and jumping jacks followed by stretching may help prevent injuries. 

Hydrate before the match:

Hydrate yourself before and during the match. Even mild dehydration during the game may lead to collapse and further injuries. If you do not hydrate properly, you may not perform effectively as your body will not be able to cool itself during strenuous activity. 

Know the Rules of the Game:

Rules are implemented to protect players from injuries. Fewer injuries happen if you are well aware of game rules. 

Don’t play when you are Injured:

You need to quit the match if you are injured. Talking with your coach and seeing a doctor are the better option if you want to continue the game. 


The Bottom Line

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