How to Make a Penalty Kick Like a Pro

When the World Cup fever kicks in, there can be highs and lows, and most importantly, a few penalties. A successful penalty can be the deciding factor in many important football matches. World Cup Championship data has shown that the teams which win penalties have a 61% higher chance of winning the overall tournament.   

Don’t be Deflected by the Goalie 

Keeping the football stationary on the football pitch allows the player to be easily distracted by the goalie and many protected penalties. However, a player should always focus on the football, the pitch, and the net. This will lead to a higher rate of scored penalties.

The Kicking Technique 

The “instep kick” technique is the most commonly used for kicking penalties. Here the player moves his leg back to the maximum extent and then picked the football which then rolls along with the football pitch. This technique allows for a more accurate kick but a slower speed which may give enough time for the goalie to react and stop the penalty. 

The Perfect Penalty Shot

A perfect penalty shot involves an initial run phase, where the player approaches the ball at 45 degrees angle. The foot-to-ball contact is improved and a large part of the foot can be placed under the ball to kick it off. Then comes the reversed stretch of the whole body and the rotation of the torso, which provides a substantial range of motion. The last phase is the forward phase of the kick which involves hip flexion followed by knee extension. To score a penalty, it is essential to kick the ball as close to the center as possible. 

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