How to become a professional football player in Dubai?

Becoming a professional football player in Dubai may sound difficult, but in this article, we’ll answer all your doubts and tell you exactly what to do!

So how to become a professional football player in Dubai?

  • Should I start football at a young age?

If you’re not playing football from a young age, it is hard to become a professional. However, it’s okay! Many footballers made it to the top differently.

According to ‘the 10,000-Hour Rule’ anyone can fully master something by dedicating enough time to practicing it, for approximately 10,000 hours.

Don’t lose hope, practice makes perfect!

  • Should I join a local football team?

Football is a collective game and is all about teamwork, therefore joining a team is important to learn the game well.

And of course, you can always change teams when it comes to your development.

If you aim to become a professional player, you should seek the best experience to grow your talent and unlock new opportunities.

  • Should I create a football CV?

As a football player, you should highlight your journey and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

It is important to build a resume of your experience and include references to your previous matches too.

This is a crucial step that you shouldn’t skip!

  • Do I need to go on trials?

Growing your network in Football helps you a lot in your career. Don’t hesitate to be the one who takes the initiative.

Did you know that up to 40% of trialists will end up with a professional contract? Going on trial with a club is an opportunity to prove yourself to a potential employer and highlight your added value to the team and earn a contract.

For that, use trials wisely; Be polite towards coaches and players, and do your best!

Even if you don’t get a deal, don’t lose hope and keep trying. In fact, by making trials with many clubs, you are promoting your name and building a reputation as an audacious and confident player.

Work on your personal brand!

  • Why should I join a football academy?

  1. To get the best training possible
    Becoming a professional comes through having the best coaching and experience. And you can have that at a football academy!
    For instance, there are many top football academies based in Dubai. They have top-quality facilities, and they also provide adequate and professional training for footballers to help them grow.
  2. To get a scholarship
    There are many academies in Dubai that coach and support players to build their profiles. They can help you boost your chances to get selected by university coaches and obtain a good scholarship.Students-athletes have more chances to get a scholarship in football. This path will always make you on the winning side.You’ll be able to do a double career, especially that a football player’s career is short and usually ends in your 30s. On the other hand, if football didn’t work out for you, then you will still have a degree and can seek other opportunities.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle 

Professional footballers need to have excellent endurance and resilience, thus following a healthy diet and committing to workouts is essential.

Find a balanced nutrition habit that contains enough protein, vitamins, and minerals. Besides, you need to quit junk food and anything that isn’t beneficial to your body.

In addition to your eating habits, you should also boost your endurance by exercising regularly to upscale your reflexes.

  • Never stop improving

The key to reaching the professional level is to keep learning and improving.

Reflect on yourself! Accept feedback and use it to improve your performance. On the other hand, watch others and learn from everyone’s success, as well as mistakes.

Don’t lose your dedication and keep aiming towards your goal!

Becoming a professional football player is a whole process and each step of it is precious. Be patient and have a rich and diverse experience, because evolution doesn’t happen overnight, trust the process!

  • Keep learning and evolving
  • Learn how to promote yourself
  • Grow your network
  • Go for any new experience
  • Upscale your physical strength
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