Ninja Warrior Training in Progress

Are you ready to conquer the ninja warrior course?


Train at the Just Play Ninja Warrior Academy and be prepared to take on the Tough Mudder obstacle course.

Our Ninja Academy is the perfect place for kids to climb, jump, shimmy and swing in preparation for the big day. Register with us for a 20% discount on Tough Mudder tickets.  (Discount is valid for adults – train with PTC at the Just Play Sports Complex and we will get you over the finish line as well!) 

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Just Play is the only place where you can join the Ninja Warrior Academy. Led by The Physical Training Company and the ninja team, the academy will focus on fitness and techniques to help students take on and conquer our all-new ninja courses! Our coaches are qualified personal trainers and fitness professionals, with a passion for obstacles.

Training for the ninja warrior course involves fitness, strength and skills work, and commitment over a period of time to see improvement. As well as being able to take on more advanced obstacles and improve your course times, you will also improve your overall fitness and wellbeing. Whether your goal is to compete in the Ninja Nationals leagues and tournaments, or simply to have fun on the courses, you’ll see rewards from the effort you put in.

Ages: 4 to 13


Term 1 starts: 1st September 2019

Term 1 ends: 5th December 2019

Students will work through our 12 week programme, building core competencies in agility, strength, speed and stamina. The courses are led by qualified personal trainers, delivering fundamentals of movement and fitness, combined with technical instruction on overcoming ninja obstacles. Academy Students train and practice based initially on age, and then progress based on ability.

The academy programme addresses the fundamentals of obstacle course racing: speed, strength and stamina, as well as technical lessons on specific courses. How to tackle the warped wall, exercises to improve grip strength, flexibility and speed: it is all covered.



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We firmly believe that your child should be happy with our academy and our coaches, so we offer the first session with no obligation. Please register with us in advance to ensure there is space available in your preferred session; our team will answer any questions you may have and welcome you to our academy.

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Easy to access from exit 43 Sheikh Zayed Road, with parking around the building.