Can you beat the fastest goalkeeper in Dubai?

Experience the drama, excitement and emotions of a penalty shootout, as you go one-on-one against our supersonic goalkeeper. At Super Keeper, it takes a lot more than skills to strike the ball to the back of the net. If you wish to score, we suggest you keep calm and wear your lucky football shoes. Our Goalie hates losing, how about you?

To book your spot call 04 348 3869 or

With acceleration 17 times faster than a Formula 1 car, Goalie is the world’s fastest goalkeeper. And its precision is courtesy the two cameras placed as its eyes, which can take up to 90 pictures per second.

So you’ll need to be accurate and powerful to beat him. Good luck!

Bookings can be made online in advance. Reserve early to avoid disappointment!



  • 5 penalties: 25 AED (5-minute slot)
  • 60 minutes (groups welcome): 250 AED