Ninja 5 v 5


Get your team together

Get your friends, colleagues, classmates – and take on the Ninja course together. You’ll race other teams one on one and in relay; it’s fun friendly competition for all.

5 ninjas per team: you will all race the course, with the best three times scoring. Then divide the course between you for the show-stopping head to head relay.

You’ll race head to head against a different team each week.

Each run will be timed, and recorded with your best time also being put forward for consideration to the National Finals tournament in September 2018.

5 player teams – 3 fastest score –  plus 1 all-in relay!


Each team member will race against one of the opposing team, in a head to head race.

All runs are timed. The best 3 runs are put forward: fastest v fastest, 2nd v 2nd and 3rd v 3rd.

Then, all players combine to complete the course in a relay – head to head to win a bonus point!

5 minute cut off for each run applies. If the course is not completed, the last completed obstacle will be recorded for your result.


Head to head win: 1 point

Combined relay victory: 1 point

Runs are individually timed, with time penalties applied for any obstacle not completed.

In the event of a dispute, judge’s decision is final.

Cost and Registration

Entry to the four-week league costs only 1575 AED per team. For this you will receive:

  • Up to 7 hour-long league fixtures timed runs on the Ninja competition course, head to head against a rival team
  • Up to 10 hours of practice time on the course, (2 hours each) to be booked in advance (Worth up to 850 AED!)
  • Officially recorded times for submission to the Ninja Championship, running September 2018


League Fixtures

Leagues will run weekly on Tuesday evenings; you will be advised of your fixture time each week in advance. All fixtures run at Dubai Sports World, Dubai World Trade Centre.

If you are unable to make the fixture, it may be rearranged with the agreement of the opposition. If no suitable alternative date can be agreed in that week, you will forfeit the fixture.


The summer Ninja Nationals will run at Dubai Sports World, at Dubai World Trade Centre. For more information visit Dubai Sports World.