Ninja Warrior Academy: Levels

Advance to the next level as you build your skills


The Just Play Ninja Warrior Academy will focus on fitness and techniques to help students take on and conquer our all-new ninja courses. Our coaches are qualified personal trainers and fitness professionals, with a passion for obstacles.

Training for the ninja warrior course involves fitness, strength and skills work, and commitment over a period of time to see improvement. As well as being able to take on more advanced obstacles and improve your course times, you will also improve your overall fitness and wellbeing. Whether your goal is to compete in the Ninja Nationals leagues and tournaments, or simply to have fun on the courses, you’ll see rewards from the effort you put in.


Our Ninja Academy is divided by age and ability. Initially students will enroll into the relevant age group, but may progress to more advanced levels depending upon their performance.

We operate a 10 week academy programme, addressing the fundamentals of obstacle course racing: speed, strength and stamina, as well as technical lessons on specific courses. How to tackle the warped wall, exercises to improve grip strength, flexibility and speed: it is all covered.

Level 1 – 2 Ninja

Everybody starts here! This program will introduce our courses, and instill the basic strength, balance and hand-eye coordination needed to become a ninja warrior. Individual obstacles on the training course will be utilized. Students will get a band to show their level and pride to be a part of ninjas exclusive training program.

Classes are designed with progressive training skills for boys and girls that advance strength, agility, coordination on all your favorite ninja obstacles!

Level 3 – 4 Ninja

This program builds on the basic foundations of strength and balance, adding technique and speed. At this level, the Competition Course will start to be brought in under controlled scenarios, to add complexity but still keeping a safe atmosphere. This level will have a colour band to show off you’re an intermediate ninja and your skills are close to extraordinary.

Advanced Ninja

You have reached the pinnacle of the ninja training with a new colour band. With this band you will now show you are strong and mature enough to train on the adult course. This class will work on safety, traversing the whole course with precision and good timing. Strength and conditioning will also be a big part of becoming a Ninja!


The summer Ninja Nationals will run at Dubai Sports World, at Dubai World Trade Centre. For more information visit Dubai Sports World.