Ninja 1 v 1


Are you ready to race?

Enter the Ninja Nationals single competitor league. You’ll race head to head against each person in the league over a month-long period. Win your race and you’ll score points, highest points wins the title. As the league grows, there will be promotions and relegations to race for, as well as prizes from our partners and sponsors.

Each run will be timed, and recorded with your best time being put forward for consideration to the National Finals tournament in September 2018.

Single competitors – league format

Race head to head each week against a new opponent to score league points. Plus, your fastest time is recorded on the Ninja Nationals Leaderboard, and could gain you entry to the National Finals.



Single run through the course, in a head to head race.

5 minute cut off for each run applies. If the course is not completed, the last completed obstacle will be recorded for your result.


Head to head win: 3 points

Runs are individually timed, with time penalties applied for any obstacle not completed.

In the event of a dispute, judge’s decision is final.

Cost and Registration

Ramadan League: cost is 265 AED and runs for three weeks.

Entry to a four-week Series costs only 365 AED. For this you will receive:

  • 9 timed runs on the Ninja competition course, head to head against a competitor
  • Up to 5 hours of practice time on the course, to be booked in advance (Worth up to 425 AED!)
  • Officially recorded times for submission to the Ninja Championship, running September 2018



Book before 17 May and save 100 AED! Entry to the Ninja Nationals league for only 265 AED.

League Fixtures

Leagues will run weekly at the following times. Select your preferred day to register. You may enter for more than one league. All leagues run at Dubai Sports World, Dubai World Trade Centre.

Ramadan League

Mondays or Wednesdays 10pm – 11pm


8pm – 10pm


8pm – 10pm


8pm – 10pm


The summer Ninja Nationals will run at Dubai Sports World, at Dubai World Trade Centre. For more information visit Dubai Sports World.