Just Play Fitness Academy

Just Play have developed an academy specifically for children ages eight to sixteen to improve their health, fitness and athletic performance.

Performance will be monitored and regular assessments will take place, allowing children and trainers will easily see progress and determine areas that require additional focus.

The exercises and equipment used at the Fitness Academy are chosen to develop and improve children’s movement, mobility, strength and power and in turn improve their athletic performance and reach their sporting goals.

The Just Play Fitness Academy welcomes both individual children and full sporting teams to improve their health, increase their sporting abilities and have fun!

The Fitness Academy programme is split into three modules through which children will progress: Foundations of Fitness and Movement, Foundations of Strength Training and Sport Specific Training.

Foundations of Fitness & Movement module

In this term we introduce the participants to the foundations of movement & mobility helping them to make better connections between their brains and bodies.  The focus will be on getting better at the foundation movement patterns and laying down a strong aerobic base to build on in future terms.

Foundations of Strength Training module

Once participants have passed the Foundations of Fitness & Movement they will be introduced to resistance exercises to increase power and speed whilst continuing to improve nervous system connections and aerobic/anaerobic energy systems.

Sports Specific module

The final stage of training is sports specific and incorporates training protocols for the energy systems and strength requirements for the athletes specific sports.

Chris Miller

Chris is our head coach at Just Play, Chris has over 30 years experience working with children and adults in the fitness industry and a passion for understanding what makes us healthy and achieve our fitness goals. He is a Strength & Conditioning expert and presenter of Fighting Fit Dubai, a reality show on OSN Sport. A few of his personal best achievements include the London Marathon, the Marathon des Sables and the 20km Extreme Desert Warrior Challenge,

Chris’ training philosophy is: “Get the basics right first, build a strong foundation and what you build will last longer.”


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