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    We're launching new group and personal fitness sessions for parents. Train while you child plays. Classes timed so you can drop your child, work out, and collect at the end of their session.
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  • ​I understand Just Play Sports Academy LLC is not responsible for any injury/damages which may be incurred during my ​ / my​ child/ren’s participation in the sports ​activities . I agree to hold Just Play harmless from claims for injuries or damages occurring during said ​activities . I certify that, aside from any declarations in the registration form, ​I / ​ my child/ren are physically fit and have not been advised not to participate by a qualified medical professional. I certify that there are no health-related reasons or problems which preclude my ​ / my​ child’s participation in th ​ese​ ​activities ​. . I hereby release the Just Play staff from any action or claim for any personal injury, accidents or illness (including death) which may arise from, but not limited to, participation in Just Play activities, sessions use, facilities and premises. I give Just Play permission to use any still, moving image of me and my child for advertising marketing and social media purposes. I confirm that I have read the rules and regulations and accept and understand the full content of it.